Marketers’ colleagues lack faith in their ability to lead digital communications

By | August 20, 2019

If it comes to buying a digital communications plan under a quarter (23%) of staff say that it’s a role that should be led from the marketing department — as opposed to 88 percent of entrepreneurs who believe they should play the major role.

The decision comes from the outcomes of What Works Where in B2B Digital Marketing — an yearly poll from digital bureau Omobono in its own 2015 survey.

The poll showed a disparity between the marketing department and other departments within business and it is the advertising department that many realises the benefits of an integrated electronic strategy in line with the research It found that 94 percent of marketers said that it had been significant and 56% said it had been crucial.

The study also revealed that if an integrated approach was taken confidences in the effectiveness of communications more than tripled — from 11% to 35% – although confidence in documented return on investment also surged to 52%.

However the capability to really quantify ROI efficiently is disputed. Although more marketers (71%) measure ROI than any other department the study found that less than a quarter (23%) were really confident from the ROI figure calculated whilst only 13 percent of marketers actually believed that their communications were quite effective.

Francesca Brosan, chairman of Omobono, said:”Digital has transformed the face of marketing, which makes communications a part of each department’s remit today. But, savvy strategic entrepreneurs are leveraging their knowledge of how the media landscape is rapidly evolving and using it to align their organisations supporting a single-minded, cohesive electronic push.

“While marketers clearly have the skills to master the emerging networking, this study proves that they will need to realise that internal communications are as important as outside and they must put more effort into communicating their learnings and expertise with their colleagues. This will not only improve collaboration and outcomes but it will — crucially – improve the perception of marketers beyond the advertising department also,” she said.

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